Damyean Dotson 27 Points/8 Threes Full Highlights (2/24/2019)

Prior to this game, I had been unclear on what Damyean Dotson’s CORE STATUS was with the Knicks. Was he part of the YOUNG CORE of players going forward or was he just a stopgap shooting guard there to soak up minutes while the Knicks tank away the season and try to figure out what they want to do going forward?

The lack of clarity regarding Dotson’s CORE STATUS has been wiped away. With each three-pointer that Dotson made in this game, a part of my uncertainty was knocked away and replaced with cold, clear certainty. Damyean Dotson is OFFICIALLY part of the Knick’s YOUNG CORE going forward, joining Dennis Smith Jr. (I think), Kevin Knox (probably), Mitchell Robinson (if he can stop fouling) and Kristapz Porzingis (oh wait). Meanwhile Tim Hardaway Jr. is sitting in Dallas and sobbing because his YOUNG CORE status was revoked when he got traded.

Does Dotson have All-Star potential going forward? Probably not. But he can be a good complementary piece for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

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