Mitchell Robinson 15 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (2/24/2019)

There was a brief period of time where all a center had to do was be able to block shots and dunk the ball sometimes and everybody would be slobbering all over their nuts no matter how good they actually were. This would have been around the time Larry Sanders was getting lots of attention for his shot-blocking ability. Then, a new crop of offensive-minded centers entered the league, and people remembered that the center position can be more than just rejecting the shots of little people and catching lobs. We’ve still got a good amount of block-and-dunk centers around (Gobert, Capela, etc.), but they might be getting overshadowed by centers who can create their own offense (Jokic, Embiid, Porzingis).

What I’m saying is, Mitchell Robinson probably would have had more perceived value five years ago than he does now. His shot-blocking abilities are completely outrageous, but the NBA’s collective fetish for that skill has waned. However, I believe that he could be the guy who single-handedly brings the art of blocking shots back to prominance. That’s how sick his highlight reel is. You could make a mix of his blocked shots and his slam dunks, edit it really fast with some cool alternate angles, and the next day all the kids at the park would be yelling “ROBINSON!” as they go up to try to reject each other’s shots.

I could try to make that mix but I’m not good at making actual mixes of NBA players. I’ll leave that to the pros and instead make a plain-old Mitchell Robinson blockilation at the end of the season.

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