Brandon Ingram 32 Points Full Highlights (2/25/2019)

This is like the best timeline for DownToBuck. It’s good for two reasons:

Reason one: Brandon Ingram is playing well, which means I get to watch an exciting young player go out there and get buckets while making LeBron James look like LeDefer Blames. I’ve been hard on Ingram in the past, and I still think he needs to work on his scoring game in halfcourt sets (right now he’s most effective when running downhill towards scared defenders), but I’m softening on him with each good game he has. I’m sure I’ll harden back up when he starts sucking again (try reading that sentence out of context).

Reason two: The Lakers are in total freefall, which is fantastic for somebody like me who harbors a seething, bordering on pathological, hatred for the Lakers and their fans. They had it so good for so long that, as far as I’m concerned, every free agent they sign and every trade they make could be a complete disaster and it would be fully deserved.

If Ingram can keep having good games and the Lakers keep losing games (and weakening their chances for a playoff berth), DTB is going to be one happy guy. And by “happy”, I mean “feel a temporary respite from utter misery”.

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