Henry Ellenson 13 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (2/26/2019)

I would totally bet money that one of Henry Ellenson’s childhood dreams growing up was that he would be the recipient of a Mike Breen “BANG!” one day. A lot of kids have run-of-the-mill fantasies about making the winning shot in the finals, or doing a windmill slam dunk in front of the girl they like, but a true basketball fan like Ellenson might have fantasies that were slightly more specific. Like getting “BANG”ed by Mike Breen. Among the other dreams he harbored within his soul at a young age:

-Doing a windmill dunk in front of Sarah, the girl from his social studies class that he had a crush on but who was way out of his league, so he would just sit in the seat behind her and smell her hair
-Moving to Eau Claire, which is what people from Rice Lake, Wisconsin consider to be “The Big City”
-Throwing interracial lobs to theoretical future NBA teammates
-Becoming a farmer like his pawpaw
-Playing for local powerhouse Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (Rice Lake Campus) while taking agriculture courses (and welding)

I would say that Ellenson failed to achieve some of those dreams, but easily surpassed some of the others.

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