Frank Jackson 15 Points Full Highlights (2/27/2019)

There have been a lot of people talking about the lack of effort NoDefense “LeBron James” Suckballs is giving on defense lately. Clips are making the rounds on social media of him blatantly not caring at all to try and stop opposing players from scoring. But I have not yet seen anyone talk about the moment that happened at 0:50 of this video. Watch it and get back to me.

Oh my god, right? That was, to put it bluntly, pathetic, and a play that calls into question his GOATiness. He was standing right in front of a driving Frank Jackson, and then just gets out of the way to give up an easy layup? It’s not like he was in foul trouble either, and even a slight contest would’ve made the smaller Jackson think a lot harder about trying to make the shot. Instead, it was his easiest bucket of the night. And the worst part was, it didn’t look like LeBron even cared. That’s the story of the season for the Lakers. No heart. No accountability. Luke Walton getting left behind by the team bus right after LeBron threw him under it.

But listen to me. Two whole paragraphs about NoDefense Suckballs. I’m just as bad as the ESPN commentators who could barely find time to even utter Jackson’s name while he was torching the Lakers in the second quarter. Is it time to admit that I, too, yearn only to advance the drama in the NBA and perhaps create some of my own, rather than follow my stated goal of shining light on the unheralded role-players of the NBA?

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