Justise Winslow 19 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (2/28/2019)

James Harden may have dropped 58 and 10 and won the game, but don’t forget about Justise Winslow, who scored got almost as many assists, with 8, and had almost as many points, with 19. He also had two missed free throws in the clutch, but since they don’t appear in this video, they might as have not happened at all. Harden will get a lot of attention for this performance, but Winslow battled him point for point, except Harden was scoring three points for every Winslow point.

With Goran Dragic back (when did that happen?), I thought we might see the end of the Winslow-at-PG experiment, but he went out there and got more assists than he has in a long time. There was a brief stretch with a couple of double-digit assist games that got me hyped, but that devolved into a bunch of 4 and 5-assist games that left me wanting.

It doesn’t help that assists are harder to come by on the Heat than other teams because they don’t like scoring the ball as much. So we have to take that into account. On a fast paced, high-octane offensive team like the Warriors, Winslow would be hailed as the next Draymond Green and average 8 assists per game I bet. If you can’t tell, I am very resentful that Green is falsely recognized as a good player just for playing on a team with two of the best shooters of all time on it. I don’t care if that take is garbage. It’s my take, and I’m sticking with it.

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