Deandre Ayton 26 Points Full Highlights (3/2/2019)

I’m afraid that, among all the hullabaloo surrounding the NBA’s pair of high-profile rookies, Luka Doncic and Trae Young, the accomplishments of Deandre “The Bahamaniac” Ayton are getting lost. Doncic has been good all year long, and Young recently has come on strong to reinvigorate the previously-stalled ROTY of the Year talks, but nobody remembers Ayton even though he’s averaging 16/10 on 59% shooting. Those are stats that people should be getting excited about, but there might not be enough excitement left to go around after it is first given to those two rookies I listed above.

I admit that I have forgotten about Ayton for periods of time when he isn’t having great games. In order to correct this forgetfulness of mine, I have done the following things:

-Written “Deandre Ayton Would Be ROTY of the Year in Any Other Season” in sharpie on my mirror so I see it every time I brush my teeth. As long as I remember to brush my teeth I should see that phrase.
-Ordered a 12-foot-tall 3D-printed plastic replica of Ayton from a place online that will let you 3D-print whatever you want. Super excited for this one!
-Changed my name to “Deandre” in real life so that my identity is inextricably associated with his.
-Ayton highlights are playing 24/7 on my living room TV, and I destroyed the remote with a hammer so that there’s less of a chance that I change the channel.

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