Landry Shamet 21 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (3/3/2019)

Landry “Shamwow” Shamet really lived up to his nickname in the first quarter of this one. Six three-pointers in the period! I wouldn’t say that my BHL (Blood-Hype Level) reach critically dangerous levels at any point, but it was definitely elevated to the point where I had to lie down in a dark room with a pillow over my head. I was still a bit too hyped even after that, so when it turned out that Shamet didn’t score after the first half, my BHL plummeted and I had to chug Five-Hour Energies just to keep myself from having a medical episode.

So, in general, I would say that Shamet was “Shamwow” in the first half and just “Shame” in the second half. In the last half of the game, he only attempted one three-pointer, which he missed. Maybe he was ice-cold during the halftime shootaround and decided not to take any more shots. That, or the Knicks actually figured out how to play defense against him. I wouldn’t expect that out of a team like the Knicks who has nothing left to play for, but there’s some validity to the idea that you don’t want a role-player dropping forty points on you just because you were too lazy to close out on this three-pointers and/or aggressively deny him the ball.

For what it’s worth, I’m still a little bit groggy and out of it. Remind me never to get hyped about anything ever again. Not even this rookie shooting guard making six three-pointers in one quarter of play.

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