Harry Giles 17 Points/4 Dunks Full Highlights (3/4/2019)

The following DTB QUICK QUIZ will have four multiple-choice questions. Post your answers to the questions in the comments below. If you get even one of them wrong, I will notify YouTube administrators (who I am good friends with) to delete your YouTube account forever and also ban you from Instagram too. So make sure you think extra hard before posting your answers.

QUICK QUIZ QUESTION 1: How many points did Harry Giles score in this game?
a.) 4
b.) 17
c.) 174
d.) 342019

QUICK QUIZ QUESTION 2: How butthurt is Willie Cauley-Stein right now at this very moment?
a.) Not butthurt at all; his butt is experiencing no discomfort
b.) Mildly butthurt; his butt is a little bit angry
c.) Very butthurt; his butt is sore like it just got spanked, and it is tender to sit on
d.) Extremely butthurt; WCS is so bootyblasted that he can’t sit down without yowling in pain

QUICK QUIZ QUESTION 3: How fully is Harry Giles realizing the potential that made him the number one high school prospect in the country?
a.) Not fully
b.) Somewhat fully
c.) Fully
d.) More than fully

QUICK QUIZ QUESTION 4: Is Harry Giles the future of the Kings at the center position?

a.) Yes
b.) No
c.) Maybe
d.) Kosta Koufos

Remember, post your answers in the comments, and if I catch you cheating by looking at other people’s comments before you post your own, you’re going to the principal’s office and he’ll make sure you’re extremely butthurt like WCS is right now.

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