Trevor Ariza 22 Points Full Highlights (3/6/2019)

In my opinion (which is worth a whole heck of a lot), Trevor Ariza didn’t get enough heat for straight-up quitting on the Suns. They’re the ones who paid him a ton of money, and then he gets all sulky because they weren’t winning enough games? What did he expect? Did he buy the line of the FO who were saying they were going to be a playoff team? Because they totally weren’t. Anyone with eyes could see that, and only optimists who thought that Devin Booker would take a big leap into being a winning basketball player, Deandre Ayton would be ROY, and that all those crappy vets (Ariza included) would stop being crappy thought that the Suns were going to do anything.

I guess the optimists sort of won this time, though. Because Ariza has stopped being crappy and started being good again. All it took was a change of scenery to the Wizards (who also aren’t winning very much so why hasn’t he resumed sulking) and now he’s averaging more points than ever before in his whole career.

John Wall used to be the guy who magically turned players like Ariza into studs, and I was worried that without Wall things wouldn’t be so great for him. but it turns out that he doesn’t even need Wall. All he needs is Bradley Beal and the ultimate green light to shoot whatever three he wants, whenever he wants.

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