Frank Jackson 20 Points Full Highlights (3/8/2019)

I don’t know where Frank Jackson got the idea to shoot twenty shots, or to shoot eight threes (making one of them), but it doesn’t matter where he got the idea from. He could’ve gotten it from Anthony Davis who’s trying to sabotage the team from within. He could’ve gotten it from Alvin Gentry because Gentry wants to see Jackson develop. He could’ve gotten it from one or both of his parents, who were apparently in attendance tonight and wanted to get their money’s worth by seeing their beloved son score some points. None of that matters. What matters is that he shot twenty shots, made nine of them, and now I’m making a highlight video for this dude who looks like a racially-ambiguous newscaster.

Scratch that. He looks like one of those composite images where a computer algorithm combines ten thousand male faces into one impossibly smooth, impossibly tan face. Somehow he was blessed with that kind of face naturally. I wonder if his face was included in the algorithm.

Is it a good idea for Jackson to take the most shots on the team while his team is still trying to win games? Probably not. But with both AD and Jrue out of the lineup, they might as well let him do it because the only person who deserves it more is Julius Randle, and he shoots so much anyway that he probably shouldn’t be encouraged to shoot more shots. All that said, this was a perfect opportunity to see if Cheick Diallo could go for 30/20, and, as far as I can try, the Pelicans didn’t even try to get him there. Shameful.

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