Terrence Ross 22 Points Full Highlights (3/8/2019)

For the first time in his career, I would say that Terrence Ross has reached the greatly-desired status of “good”. Tons of players work their butts off for their whole career and never get there, and that’s what I thought Ross was going to be doing as well. He’s had single games of “good” (who can forget when he choked the Raptors franchise scoring record away at the line), and maybe even little stretches of games as well. But never a whole season. Until now.

15 points per game is nothing to sneeze at, especially for a guy who makes a living shooting tough jumpers. Maybe the other aspects of his game are still lacking a little bit (he doesn’t really do anything than score), but that’s okay. Scoring is, after all, the main part of the game of basketball. People who say that defense is half the game are lying, and Jabari Parker agrees with me. There are a slot of secondary aspects to the game, but they all pale in comparison to getting BUCKETS. Again, to bolster my point, I point to the comments of Dion Waiters, who is a real NBA player who gets to have real NBA opinions, and he agrees with me. Buckets.

I’m sensing a Ross three-ilation at the end of the season. It’s Korver-esque the way he’s running off these screens and just launching without getting really set, and a whole full-length feature about that ability would be required viewing for any fan of buckets.

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