Seth Curry 22 Points Full Highlights (3/9/2019)

For those of you who don’t know, I spent literally hours of every day writing down nickname ideas for NBA players in this notebook I have. The picture you have in your mind of a skinny dude staring at his desk and occasionally writing something furiously in a notebook and then just as furiously scribbling it out? That’s a pretty accurate picture. Just throw in a tubby kitty named Japurri sitting on my lap and you’ve got it.

So when I had a brainwave for a new Seth Curry nickname and didn’t immediately discard it in a fit of rage, I thought this new nickname would stick around for sure. But I was just about to introduce it in this description when I realized that it could be misconstrued. So what I’m going to do is present this new nickname creation, but not advocate for its use. Ready? Here it comes:

“The Black Seth”.

If that doesn’t make any sense to you, think about what major, calamitous event occurred in the middle ages that completely altered human history. That’s right, the black death, also known as the black plague. Like one-third of Europe’s entire population at the time just straight-up died from some disease that rats carry around. By drawing a comparison between the unimaginable human carnage of the black death and the figurative carnage that Seth Curry wreaks when he heats up from the threezone, I’m combining hip, modern NBA culture with learned medieval scholarship. Or something.

The problem is, Seth Curry is black, but he’s not really super-dark black. He’s light-skin black. By calling him “The Black Seth”, it sounds like I’m making fun of the tone of his skin. It sounds like I’m either implying he’s not black enough or implying that his blackness is his single defining feature. Or that people named “Seth” (which is a name of Hebrew origin) can’t be black. There’s a lot of ways I can be misconstrued with that one.

So, in conclusion, don’t call Seth Curry “The Black Seth”. It won’t work out well for you.

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