Eric Gordon 26 Points Full Highlights (3/10/2019)

I really need to decide if Eric Gordon is or isn’t too good for my channel. He must not be, because this video is sitting here in front of your face right now. As of right now, he isn’t, but his threshold for points before I showcase him is pretty high. Even though he kinda sucks this year. I just don’t know. This is all very complicated.

Unlike the situation with Aaron Gordon, who also kinda sucks this year, but is so well-known by this point that his continued presence on my channel has become a joke. Notice any vids of him lately? No. Because I’m done with him. Officially. Or semi-officially, until I get around to updating my exclusion list.

What we saw in this game could be a taste of what we could see from him regularly if he wasn’t on a team with James “I Will Be MVP Again Even If I Have To Take Fifty Shots A Game) Harden. IWBMAEIIHTTFSAG was in serious foul trouble this game, so the Rockets had to find scoring from other sources. And it worked. Gordon scored 26, and the Rockets won, even if the team they beat might be one of the worst teams in the league right now and they only squeaked it out by a single point. Still, this is enough proof for me to be able to quickly shut down any ignorami who claim that Harden doesn’t have any help.

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