Wayne Selden 18 Points Full Highlights (3/10/2019)

Hopefully this doesn’t come across as insensitive in any way, but I don’t understand African American hairstyles so I need a little help here. Basically, my question is this: are Wayne Selden’s dreadlock things intentionally squiggly, or was, that, like, their response to being slept on funny? I need to know.

If Selden has those crazy dreads behaving that way intentionally, then good for him. It takes courage to go outside with an unorthodox appearance like that. Sort of like stepping out into the bright sunlight wearing a full goth outfit complete with top hat and cane. You need to have serious self-confidence for that. Props to Selden if this is the case.

If Selden’s dreads are that way because of an accident or because of improper dread-handling technique, then that’s too bad, but at least his dreads are still arranged in such a way that he can pass it off as a legitimate stylistic choice. I will say that he’s getting halfway to Weird Al’s “Bad Hair Day” album cover.

And yes, I am fully aware that this is my second description in a row where all I do is talking about the hairstyle of the player in question. I can’t help it that my interest in hair is at an all time high after I made one too many Cody Zeller highlight videos. My philosophy is, if I keep hair on my mind, that will keep it on my head too.

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