JaVale McGee 20 Points/3 Blocks/5 Dunks Full Highlights (3/15/2019)

The Lakers’ enjoyable (for the rest of us) downward slide continues with a loss to a team that’s not exactly an Eastern Conference powerhouse in the Detroit Pistons. LeBron James AKA Jabroni Lames AKA NoDefense SuckBalls didn’t play, so we can attribute the loss to that fact and that fact alone, but that’s not going to improve the moods of Lakers fans who are still unwisely clinging on to their playoff hopes like a shard of wreckage from a long-sunken ship adrift in the vast sea.

The Lakers commentators (who aren’t Chick Hearn – another thing Lakers fans can be disappointed about) mentioned that the amount of minutes McGee played (thirty-plus) was unusual for him. I looked at the game logs and confirmed: McGee has only gotten above thirty minutes in five games this season (excluding this one [enough parentheticals for you?]). Why doesn’t he get more minutes even when he’s scoring effectively and, from my view, playing well?

McGee’s already come out and said that asthma concerns were not the reason he was played sparingly last season. So there goes my McWheeze nickname. Is McGee just so boneheaded that you can’t keep him on the court and expect to win games? I’ll admit to being a box-score hawk who doesn’t watch as many live games as he should, so it’s possible his statistical impact is nullified by his questionable decision making.

I don’t care about that. As long as he gets tons of dunks I’m happy. You can be a turnover-prone lunkhead and still get tons of dunks, so there’s no problem here.

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