Walt Lemon Career High 24 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (4/3/2019)

Sometime between his debut with the Bulls and this game, which is only four days later, Walt Lemon ditched the headband. Usually, headbands convey some sort of increased skill level to the wearer. That’s why many players wear them. That’s why I wear them (that and the flyaway strands of my long hair get in my eyes and obscure my view of the basket). But Lemon went against the conventional wisdom, thinking he would play better without the headband than with it. Oh how right he was.

You thought the 19/6 line he put up in his Bulls debut was sick? I don’t blame you. I thought it was sick too. But now I know better. That game was just a teaser for what Lemon is truly capable of when fully unleashed (and not encumbered by unnecessary accessories on his head): 24 points, eight assists, two clutch go-ahead free throws with a second to go in the game, untold number of Wizards’ fans hearts crushed. Everybody hide all the headbands in the Bulls locker room so Lemon doesn’t accidentally put one on and lose his powers.

As Stancey King mentioned, this game all but guarantees that Lemon will have some place in the league next season. Players who put up these kind of stats don’t just disappear unless they get a crazy offer from some Chinese team. I’m sure I could come up with refutations to the absolutist statement I just made, but I’m too busy thinking about the ascendancy of Walt Lemon to consider which high-scoring scrubs have washed out of the league.

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