Dwyane Wade 24 Points Full Highlights (4/5/2019)

That game-winning three by Dwyane Wade was supposed to go in. It was just SUPPOSED to. It was like a movie, first he gets the steal and layup to put the Heat within one, and then he gets a chance to win the game at the buzzer with a three? All this while facing imminent retirement? The only way it could’ve been more movie-like if this was literally his final game. That final shot took a lot of maneuvering, but he got a clean look, and it looked like it was going to drop straight through.

It didn’t.

I still don’t really believe that this is it for Wade, because he looks he still has a ton left in the tank. And it’s not like the Heat wouldn’t want to keep him around, if the Udonis Haslem situation gives us any indication. Haslem has been totally washed up for YEARS, he was looking worse than Wade is now about a decade ago.

It will especially not be it for Wade if the Heat fail to make the playoffs, as is looking increasingly likely. When you’re in a tight race for the last few playoff seeds, losing three in a row is not helpful. But do you think Wade wants to go out having choked away a playoff seed, leaving in anonymity? No way. Cancel the retirement ceremony, people. This isn’t happening. Not like this.

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