Jonathan Isaac 18 Points Full Highlights (4/5/2019)

Jonathan Isaac has been tormenting me all season with games where he scores decently well, but doesn’t really break out and have a standout scoring performance. I think I’ve harped on this point before (because I chronically run out of description material by the end of the season), but he only has one twenty-point game this season. For a guy who a lot of Magic fans are hoping becomes a franchise centerpiece, that’s not enough twenty-burgers. I would expect at least five or ten more twenty-burgers than that.

This game, he had eighteen points. Again, that’s not even twenty. It’s less than twenty. And it doesn’t count as any kind of breakthrough scoring performance that definitively states that Isaac will be a prominent scorer in this league. I mean, he only made six shots. You know how many players made six or more shots last night? Eighty. Eighty players had equivalent or greater bucket output.

So forgive me if I’m not sold on Isaac quite yet. He’s shown to be a competent scorer, but not a great one. I understand that his defensive potential is also quite high, but I don’t care about defense. The only way I can evaluate the worth of players is by looking at how well they score the ball. That’s not a shortcoming of my own, that’s a shortcoming of players who insist on playing defense when they could use that energy to do more spin moves and catch more alley-oops.

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