Luke Kornet 17 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (4/7/2019)

How jealous of his son is Frank Kornet right now? The elder Kornet, if you’re not aware (and you’re really should be), was an NBA player for the Bucks for two uneventful years. His career high was 16, scored in his 7th career game before everyone (including the Portland defenders from that night) realized that he wasn’t actually that good. Just for reference, this performance by Luke Kornet, 17 points, is 1 more point than that. And no one even cares. Because he’s had a bunch of games better than this.

Adding to Frank’s jealousy is the fact that his son gets to play in New York and receiving the fawning adoration of tons of extremely hot women, while he had to play in Milwaukee and receive only the fawning adoration of slightly plump ladies with bad teeth who smelled like cheese all the time. Sorry Milwaukee, but I’ve been to your fair city, and that’s how the ladies be.

Plus, Luke is likely making WAY more money than whatever scraps a 2nd round pick from 1989 was making. I’ve heard stories from back then, and supposedly rookies had to go dumpster diving and drink water from toilets just to have enough nutrients to not immediately die when they got put on the basketball court.

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