Mikal Bridges 19 Points Full Highlights (4/7/2019)

There is only more game left for the Suns. This means different things for different people. Suns fans will be a mix of elated (because they don’t have to waste their time watching the Suns anymore) and saddened (because watching the Suns is the only thing that gives their life purpose). For Suns players, it means no more game checks for the forseeable future. For Talking Stick Arena concession workers, they can look forward to an offseason of sticking their face under the nacho cheese dispenser and seeing how much will fit in their nose before serious damage occurs (protip delivered from personal experience: it’s not a lot).

And for DownToBuck it means no more god-damn Fulton Homes threes. HALLE-FRICKIN-LUJAH. The whole season, the whole Suns season, all of it, was ruined by whats-his-face tonelessly delivering that damn spiel for EVERY SINGLE THREE. I think a Fulton Homes goon had a gun to his head during the broadcast with the threat of total cranial catastrophe if he forgot (or refused) to say the line. I hope whatever charity they donated the 100 bucks to got a lot money, that’s fine, but did they have to announce it every time?

There were some Suns highlights I made this year where the marketing phrase didn’t make an appearance. Probably most of the DeAndre Ayton (what happened to him anyway) ones. Maybe some Dragan Bender ones. Mikal Bridges? I don’t know. He had a good game in this one, but he hit some threes, so the video is basically ruined. Sorry.

If the Suns continue with Fulton Homes next season, I’m boycotting them. No more Suns broadcast for highlights. I’ve got my choice of broadcasts for every game, because the Suns never end up playing the Suns, and I don’t have to deal with this anymore (or make everyone else deal with it) if I don’t want to.

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