Meyers Leonard 19 Points Full Highlights (4/11/2019)

I still don’t see what’s so wrong with Meyers Leonard that he gets big stretches of DNPs. He looks fine to me. The buckets in this video are buckets that any playoff team would desire. If the Blazers really don’t want him, I, on behalf of the Bucks, offer one (1) Thon Maker for him. You may say that Maker isn’t the Bucks’ player to offer anymore, and maybe you’re right, according to some obscure clause in the CBA. But that doesn’t matter. I want Leonard and the Bucks, and I’m willing to bend some rules to do it. If I have to trade Maker again, I will.

I realize that my perception of Leonard is greatly skewed due to the nature of my work. I mostly see the good that he does, the dunks, the jumpers. I don’t see his flaws, which Blazers fans are well-acquainted with: his overwhelming softness, his lack of tenacity, his defensive shortcomings. These are things which I have been led to believe exist, but I have not seen them for myself. Until I do, I will ignore them. I’m not going to let some homer Portland fans tell me that Leonard isn’t a complete beast.

Remember, he’s a member of the 50-40-90 club. Maybe he didn’t qualify officially due to rate requirements, but I fail to see how that’s his fault. That’s his coaches fault. He does all he can with the few minutes that Terry Stotts begrudgingly offers. Again, my offer is one (1) Thon Maker. I can throw in one (1) Caron Butler, but that’s my final offer.

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