Reggie Jackson 18 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (4/17/2019)

Major props going out right now to the Pistons for actually putting up a fight in this game. Every lopsided 8-seed versus 1-seed matchup usually has at least one half where the 8-seed tries to make it a game, and the first half of this game was that half. They may have ended up losing by 20, but they were ahead at halftime, thanks to Reggie Jackson and Luke Kennard. I don’t think the Bucks were prepared for the heart and epicness that the Pistons came out with. That’s what happens when you win by 500 points in the first game; until the opposition shows otherwise, you can take a break and get ready for the next series.

Like Kennard, Jackson kinda stopped scoring in the second half, hitting only one shot after 14 first-half points. I wasn’t actually watching this game (when will these frickin’ fricks who saddle me with real-life responsibilities learn that the NBA season is OFF LIMITS), so I don’t know what happened, but I feel fairly confident in placing all the blame at the feet of Dwane Casey. It’s true that I’ve blamed Casey for literally everything that has gone wrong for the Pistons this season, but until someone proves me wrong and points to one or more of the players being at fault for even one thing, I’m going to continue.

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