Marcus Morris 18 Points Full Highlights (4/21/2019)

I’m not quite sure why I even made this video. None of the Marcus Morris videos on my channel have even reached the magical threshhold of 1,000 views. As eighteen points is not a remarkable scoring output for Morris, it’s unlikely that this video ever gets enough views to make it worth the time I spent editing it. Celtics fans can get their highlight fix from that Timi dude, so I’m sitting here presenting my highlights of Celtics players to an audience that consists of a few DTB loyalists and a bunch of people who don’t care about Celtics role-players at all.

I suppose I had a hunch that this video would be mildly entertaining from a shot-making perspective. And it is. Morris catches plenty of flak from the Boston faithful over his shoddy shot-selection processes, but when his unwise midrange jimbos are dropping, it makes him look like some kind of scoring God who is the successor to MJ himself when it comes to mastery of the midrange. The ten people who watch this video will certainly agree with me on this.

Does Morris really deserve any more words from me past the ones I already typed? No. No he does not. I’m cutting this video description short so I can re-examine whatever flawed priorities I possess that caused me to make this highlight video in the first place.

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