Andre Iguodala 14 Points Full Highlights (4/28/2019)

In very different circumstances from game six against the Clippers, this game saw the Warriors achieve a rare “double-digit scoring game from someone not named Curry, Thompson, Green, or Durant” and actually benefit greatly from it. Andre Iguodala followed up his meaningless fifteen points from last game with a very meaningful fourteen points against the Rockets, and they needed most of those points to come away with the victory.

Try to follow the math here. Even though you’re probably at a fifth-grade arithmetic level (and that’s being generous), you should be able to understand it. The Warriors won this game by four points, 104-100. If Iguodala hadn’t scored fourteen points, but had instead scored zero (which is more in line with my expectations of him), the final score would have been 90-100. Since ninety is less than a hundred, Iguodala’s scoreless outing would have resulted in a loss for the Warriors rather than the victory it was.

Honestly, it’s great that a veteran like Andre Iguodala can continue to contribute to a championship-level squad rather than just sitting on his heinie waiting for the championship ring to be slipped on his finger. Except, you know, he blew up that promising Nuggets team for no reason and nobody even remembers or acknowledges that he did it. So it’s not great at all that he gets rewarded with championship rings. If he gets another one this season he should donate it to George Karl.

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