Jaylen Brown 18 Points Full Highlights (5/3/2019)

I admit, when Jaylen Brown hit his third three from the same spot in the first half, I was a little peeved. Not a lot peeved, but a little. And it wasn’t like I was really mad at Brown in particular, rather, I was made at the Celtics for having the audacity to move the ball. Ball movement is not really something that the Bucks do very well, they’re more of a “have Giannis either score or make on pass to a guy who immediately shoots a three” team, so it annoyed me to see the Celtics benefiting from finding the open man. That’s all it was. I have other reasons to be mad at Brown. Those reasons will not be stated, even though I probably could without consequence because I don’t think Celtics fans usually watch my videos and even if they did normally they wouldn’t want to right now because who wants to watch highlights of their team that just lost in embarrassing fashion in the playoffs?

Right now, when you search “Jaylen Brown” on YouTube and sort by recently uploaded, all you get are endless clips of him dunking on Giannis. Now, it was a good dunk, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t really a true poster. Giannis kinda came in late and Brown dunked to the side of him more than anything. So it will look good on the aforementioned poster, but true NBA highlight connosieurs will know the truth. Brown had a way better dunk on Giannis during the regular season, which was made even better when he flexed his biceps on him. Now that was a dunk. You all should go watch that one instead of this one. Again, I would link it, but it would just be a rickroll again. I can’t help myself. It’s an addiction.

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