DTB’s Top 100 Dunks of the 2018-19 NBA Season (2018-19 Season Dunkilation)

A season of dunks-of-the-month videos culminates right now with the ultimate videographic display of dunking prowess: DTB’s Best 100 Dunks of the 2018-19 Season. One hundred sick slams curated by, perhaps, the one highlight maker who is not swayed by stardom or view counts.

You know the NBA’s version of this video would be 90% LeBron and 0% JaKarr Sampson. My version is 1% LeBron and 1% JaKarr Sampson. And that’s all the reason you should need to watch it.

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0:00 – I’m sad because I overcounted the dunks for this video by one. The first dunk in this video should have been Troy Brown facializing Frank Ntilikina, but I had to take it out because a top 100 dunks video should never have 101 dunks.

0:14 – Place your bets now on how many times Mason Plumlee is on the receiving end of a dunk in this video. We’re already at two.

0:19 – Scrub-on-scrub dunks are the best dunks. Fun DTB fact: When I started making these video a few years ago, I considered only including dunks from scrubs. True story.

0:23 – Mason Plumlee is being unfairly slandered.

0:39 – That flashing arena signage in the top left corner is distracting, and overlaying the dunk counter on top of it didn’t help at all. I should’ve replaced this one with the Troy Brown one (which you will never get to see).

1:02 – BIG PAUSE

1:07 – By the end of this video you will be concerned for the well-being of Jarrett Allen. And his fro.

1:11 – The only thing better than a scrub-on-scrub dunk is a scrub-on-scrub REVENGE dunk from seven minutes later in the same game, featuring the same players but with the roles reversed.

1:17 – Normally I’m all about the poster dunks, but this the most aesthetically-perfect windmill I’ve seen in a while. Manletspiration right here.

1:53 – Another pair of scrub-on-scrub REVENGE dunks. Hopefully no Serbians are here watching me call Nemanja Bjelica a scrub. I do know for a fact that there are no Grizzlies fans here to defend the honor of Jaren Jackson Jr. because there aren’t any Grizzlies fans period.

2:00 – I swear I did not slow down this clip. That’s just how slow Lopez was moving.

2:24 – I propose that we call these blocked dunks “blunks”.

2:44 – Simply watching this dunk will cause your chest to cave in like you just developed late-onset pectus excavatum.

3:19 – Even old people know how to post videos to Facebook now. That’s why Facebook sucks.

3:49 – Disappointed that we didn’t get two “oh mama”s in a row. Somebody who values their time even less than I do should make an “oh mama”-ilation.

4:28 – The best part of this dunk isn’t the dunk itself, but the fact that Salah Mejri did a crossover dribble move before the dunk. However, a frame-by-frame analysis reveals that the video feed was maliciously edited by Tunisian hackers to add a crossover where there wasn’t one.

4:51 – How is Jarrett Allen not dead yet?

4:58 – Boomed him.

5:14 – This is only #44 in the top 100, but it’s #1 in “dunks which gave the dunker a concussion.”

5:21 – Abdel Nader getting not one but TWO dunks included in this video is the highlight of his career. You’re welcome bro.

5:26 – The most disrespectful dunk in a video that’s overflowing with disrespect.

6:00 – Ty Wallace just gave Richaun Holmes TYpe two diabetes. Get it? Ty? Type?

6:14 – Valanciunas’ expression is making me doubt things I thought I knew about myself.

6:20 – Top 10 Anime Betrayals

7:03 – If I recall correctly, the game was delayed for fifteen minutes after this dunk while they looked around on the floor for the remaining bits of Mason Plumlee’s dignity.

7:09 – Brook Lopez just got sent to the Czech-out lane! DTB HAS GOT THE JOKES TODAY BOYS

7:23 – The “kick legs while flying through the air” is becoming Donovan Mitchell’s signature dunk. My signature dunk is not dunking. Damn it.

7:49 – You know that this is a good dunk because Chris Bosh, who is dead from blood clots, was resurrected by it.

7:59 – Defenders are afraid of getting a face full of James Harden’s beard, which would be comparable to getting your face scoured with steel wool at fifty miles per hour.

8:20 – The second replay does a good job illustrating how Thon Maker will eagerly insert himself into any poster.

8:27 – This hobo version of Solomon Hill has no business being in the top fifteen of anything other than the “being an overpaid hobo” list (which also includes Brandon Knight).

8:51 – KAT leading the league in “dunks where the defender gets run over”.

9:13 – Hubie Brown was reduced to incoherence by this dunk. “Oh…nuh…Yuhhuhhuhhh”

9:19 – Allen’s gotta be dead now.

9:34 – Is this unironically the dunk of the decade? It depends if Gerald Green’s windmill alley-oop happened before 2010 or not. I’ve been watching replays of this for an hour straight and I’m not gonna stop. If I starve to death, please play the replays at my funeral.

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