Paul Millsap 23 Points Full Highlights (10/29/2019)

It doesn’t really feel like it, but Paul Millsap is currently playing the 14th season of his career. 2006 wasn’t that long ago, was it? Oh man. It was, wasn’t it? I’m looking at my computer calendar right now in disbelief. Why did the people who programmed this damn thing make it so it lies to me about the passing of time?

There aren’t all that many people from Millsap’s draft class still playing, less than 10, and I don’t know if you can classify whatever Thabo Sefolosha is doing right now as “playing”. He’s had an insanely solid career for any draftee, much less one picked near the end of the second round. Solidity is his middle name, actually. I just looked it up. Paul Solidity Millsap. He’s not going to make the Hall Of Fame or anything, but there’s a chance that, three decades from now, people will namedrop him in an attempt to look cool on the Internet (or whatever they’re going to be calling it in 30 years).

I don’t know where I’m going with this, other than that maybe I feel like he is still too good for this channel. He was an All-Star for the Hawks only a few years ago, after all. And it doesn’t seem like age is really catching up to him all that hard, he’s just playing slightly fewer minutes as the years pass. I’ve been pretty harsh on the people I’ve been excluding this year, trying to realign the vids I upload with the stated goal of this channel, but for some reason I made this one.

Also, I have not changed my opinion that Millsap totally ruined the trajectory of the Nuggets when he came aboard three years ago. It’s a horrible opinion and verifiably wrong, but I’m sticking with it. That’s what REAL MEN do when confronted with the facts that their closely-held beliefs are incorrect.

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