Meyers Leonard 21 Points Full Highlights (11/3/2019)

I was going to ask as the opening sentence to this description, “are the Heat for real?”, but then I looked at their games so far and have determined that they aren’t for real. Sorry Heat fans, but it’s going to take more than a single win against a good team to convince me that your team isn’t destined for a first-round exit.

And even that single win is suspect, because the Rockets are clearly coasting off of last year’s success and are looking not as good as they should. The first quarter in this game was embarrassing, and while things did get better, it was only because a team losing by 120 points would be completely unheard of in the NBA.

Combine this win with their two wins against the Hawks (garbo team no doubt about it), the win against the Grizzlies (utter garbo), and their comeback win against the Bucks (who weren’t even trying BTW) and you get a grand total of zero impressive wins. It’s math, don’t try to argue. Math does not lie, and neither does science, which is another thing I utilized in coming up with that total. Also an Ouija board, but we’re not going to talk about that. Too spooky.

Still, despite the Heat’s destiny as a mediocre team, Meyers Leonard has been pretty good. His skills totally overlap with Kelly Olynyk’s in such a blatant way that it seems like one of them will have to go, and at this point, Leonard is the favorite to remain. He just offers a lot more springiness than Olynyk, and his hair looks a lot more put together. As well as his beard, and general appearance. This is Miami, Kelly. Try to at least look presentable when you go out in public.

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