Luke Kennard 24 Points Full Highlights (11/4/2019)

Luke Kennard is only 23 years old. But if he were from a country other than the United States (and this includes Canada, I don’t trust those shifty northerners), I would be casting some serious doubt on that figure. Because he looks about 10 years older than that. If his name was Lukas Kenardas and he was from Lithuania, I would be 100 percent sure that his documentation was altered to present him as younger than he really is.

But he was, indeed, born in America, and unless you’ve really got a ton of money, you’re not changing your official age. A fake ID, like the one shown in the documentary “Superbad”, might get you into a bar, but it’s not getting you into the NBA. The conclusion we have to reach is that Kennard is the age he says he is, and he’s simply cursed with a hairline that looks more like a certain Papa John’s spokesperson than a young-twenties male.

He can ball though, so who cares what he looks like? The games are televised, so physical appearance is slightly more important than in the radio days, but the camera shots are usually so far out that features are hard to make out. I imagine that sponsorships and commercials and stuff are given out more freely to the beauties of the league, but it’s not like Kennard is getting those anyway. At least, not until Dwane Casey stops marginalizing him.

Also, sorry for the delay in getting this description up. Writing these things is hard when you’re trying to watch the Bucks dominate.

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