Paul Millsap 23 Points Full Highlights (11/17/2019)

If you care to watch this video, you will be witness to Paul Millsap dropping an easy 23 points on the Grizzlies in just twenty minutes. The manner in which the points are dropped could almost be described as “shock and awe”. Watching this video will also grant you membership to an elite club: the club of people who care enough about Paul Millsap to watch highlight videos where is the main character. It’s not a very fun or prestigious club, but it’s definitely an elite club.

Also, be aware that just reading this video description without watching the video does not grant you membership in the club. You have to watch the whole thing and your eyeballs have to be on the screen the whole time, not wandering other places.

I would try to organize an in-person meetup for members of the “watches Paul Millsap videos unironically” club, but I’m not actually a member myself. For all the Millsap videos that I’ve uploaded to my channel, I’ve never actually watched one. Some of my own videos, I’ll go back and rewatch them and remember the good times, but watching Millsap be a team-ruiner who destroyed Trey Lyles’ career and is now working on destroying Juan Hernangomez’s career does not qualify as good times for me. So if anybody wants to meetup with similarly depraved Millsap fetishists, they’ll have to organize that on their own without any support from DTB.

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