Larry Nance Jr. 20 Points Full Highlights (11/25/2019)

Larry Nance Jr. is one of those players who just escapes my notice most of the time. He escapes the notice of most people now that he’s not on the Lakers, but for me it’s for a different reason other than that he’s not in the biggest NBA market anymore. The deal with him is that he averages almost 10 a game, but he frickin’ NEVER scores a really good amount of points. Never EVER.

That’s the deal with Nance, but I don’t know why that deal is his deal. He’s the king of scoring 13 or 15 or 16 or some other fine amount of points, but not an amount of points that warrants a whole DTB highlight video.I’ve probably ignored a few too many of his 15 and 16-point games, because it turns out that I never make vids for him. But I have standards here, even if his career high is somehow only 22 points, I have standards. Without standards, I’d be making hundreds of videos a night.

This, however, is unignorable. 20 points, that’s a legit amount of points, so legit that it’s almost his career high. I didn’t have to waffle with this one. This one was going to happen, and only is it happening, it’s happening EARLY. I’m not waiting until tomorrow morning, when everyone has stopped carying about what happened tonight and is getting hyped for the next batch of games, to get this one in your face.

He doesn’t even dunk it in this one, but don’t let that discourage you. Any true Nance fan knows that he basically never shows off the dunking ability that got him in the dunk contest.

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