Ish Smith 21 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (11/27/2019)

The ‘Zards need to figure out a way to have Ish Smith get more assists more consistently. 7 assists isn’t even a lot (especially for a solely offensive team like the ‘Zards), but it’s a season high for Smith. His season low is 3, which means he’s really good at getting some but not too many, but as a pure PG, he should be getting a lot more.

The solution, unlike a lot of NBA-related quandaries that I bring up, is simple: tell Bradley Beal to stop pretending to be John Wall and to go stand in the corner and wait for Smith to pass him the ball. This would likely have a deleterious effect on the ‘Zards’ offense, but that’s not my concern. My concern is that Smith is not being used to his fullest potential. And besides, they could lose a bunch of offensive efficiency and still be one of the best in the league.

And if they don’t want Smith to be their main PG option, preferring midget Isaiah Thomas or non-PGs like Thomas Bryant or Admiral Schofield, then they should just trade him. He needs a few more teams to set the record for most franchises played for, might as well get going on that right now if they’re going to MARGINALIZE him. Just make sure to trade him to a team he hasn’t played for yet. I’d love him on the Bucks again, but we already had him.

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