Luke Kennard 21 Points Full Highlights (11/29/2019)

With another loss to the Hornets (who would now be the eighth seed if the season ended right this second), the Pistons drop to 6-13 for the year. Whatever their expectations were before the season started, they’re not even coming close to meeting them. The futile chase for the eighth seed, which is a Pistons tradition at this point, is even more futile than ever this year as they seem to be accidentally tanking rather than meaningfully contending for any kind of playoff seeding.

Let it be known that this is not Luke Kennard’s fault. The Junknard Dog has statistically improved across the board. His shooting percentages are basically identical to last year, but on higher volume, and he’s improved significantly as a passer as well.

Let it also be known that this is not Khyri Thomas’ fault. If Casey would just play him, the Pistons would have at least two or three or eight more wins. There’s no reason that a broken foot should stop him from contributing on the court. He could could kick people with his cast and give them concussions.

Whoever’s fault this all is, the only thing I know is, it’s probably time for a radical shakeup in Detroit. Trade Griffin for assets. Trade Drummond before he walks for nothing. Trade Reggie Jackson and his mystery ailments to any team willing to take him on. Trade Derrick Rose to a team that wants to continue reliving his long-gone MVP years. That leaves Luke Kennard as the only player on the roster who’s really worth anything, so trade him too so he doesn’t get lonely. Completely wash away the old Pistons and usher in a new Pistons era were you create max cap space for Giannis knowing that he’ll never sign there so you have to sign Evan Fournier instead. Where do I sign up to be assistant GM?

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