Luke Kennard 20 Points Full Highlights (12/1/2019)

It’s really super cool that Luke Kennard is adding advanced playmaking abilities to his game. Just absolutely awesome and nice. Great. But it’s kind of, just a little bit, having the effect of making his highlight videos less fun to watch. At least for me. I don’t know about you, but for me, when I click on a highlight video of Kennard, I am clicking on it because of the promise of some sweet buckets.

It’s kind of the same deal with Blake Griffin. Playmaking abilities as a power forward are cool, but I don’t want to see that from him. I want to see dunks. Lots of dunks, of all different types. If he’s not providing dunks, I can go somewhere else for them. So if Kennard is busy getting Andre Drummond some easy looks at the rim, that’s great, and I’m sure Pistons fans love it, but it’s not him shooting jumpers. And that’s all I want. Kennard jumpers. I would say “inject them straight into my veins”, but I have a serious phobia of needles/injections and I would definitely faint if someone tried to actually inject his jumpers (or a version of his jumpers somehow distilled into an injectable solution) into my veins.

This vid is what I want out of Kennard. Nothing but scoring, mostly jumpers. No free throws. Some assists that I declined to show because I wanted the purity of this video to be maintained. He can try and help his team all he wants by adding stuff to his game, but I like his game just the way it is. Except that he still could stand to shoot a little more.

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