De’Anthony Melton 17 Points Full Highlights (12/28/2019)

De’Anthony Melton AKA DeMelto Anthony is playing well enough as Ja Morant’s backup (or is Tyus Jones the backup? hmmmm) that I feel comfortable bestowing upon him a new title:

Shelvin Mack 2.0.

Contain your gasps of surprise. Mack, who once led the Magic in assists per game with almost four, is a lofty bar for any young player to hit, much less one drafted in the second round like Melton was, but I’m not making this pronouncement casually. Anointing somebody as the second coming of Shelvin Mack is not a step to be taken lightly. I have given the matter the consideration it deserves, and only after much soul-searching have I decided that I am ready to announce my decree to the world.

You may accuse me of “wildin” after what you read next, but please try to keep your wits about you. I think that, as soon as next season, Melton could have yet another new title bestowed upon him:

Beno Udrih 2.0.

I will conclude this description now to give your overtaxed brain a chance to process the information I have given it. And once you process it, you will see that I am not as far off-base as you initially though. Shelvin Udrih 2.0 is a definitely possibility for the young, and improving, Melton.

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