DTB’s Best NBA Dunks of the Month (December 2019 Dunkilation)

Full disclosure: I had to delete two minutes’ worth of dunks from this video in order to get under the mystical 9:45 threshhold that makes the difference between my video staying up and my video getting removed for copyright infringement. Having to purge such a large amount of primo dunk footage has made me very sad. The only cure is to donate to my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/downtobuck

0:00 The way that Grant Napear initially referred to Richaun Holmes as “number 22” definitely makes me think that Napear totally forgot what Holmes’ name was.

0:22 Not sure why Trier wasn’t celebrating more. This is the dunk that could have sparked a comeback. They’re only down 37 with 15 seconds left.

1:00 Question for discussion: if Ibaka had roundhouse kicked an opposing player instead of his own teammate, would he have been assessed a flagrant foul?

1:19 Russell Westbrook was a regular in my monthly dunkilations, like four years ago. These reminders of the passage of time are upsetting me.

1:40 Jaxson Hayes’ undulating hair in the replay is so compelling. I can’t stop looking at it. It’s waving around like he’s underwater.

1:47 You know it’s a good dunk when it spontaneously causes one opponent (Dejounte Murray) to give an impromptu piggyback ride to another opponent (Drew Eubanks).

2:07 All the coaches on the Hornets’ bench are looking at each other like “does anybody know what the concussion protocol is?” It’s true that Darius Bazley “got him on the noggin”, but I think the floor got Rozier on the noggin worse.

2:28 Vintage KP. He had these kind of putback dunks all the time in his rookie year.

2:49 If you play this dunk and LeBron James’ dunk over John Lucas III side-by-side, you can barely tell any difference.

3:00 I just accidentally remembered that one time that Drew Gooden ooped it to himself for a layup. I really wish Drew Gooden would stop intruding on my thoughts like this.

3:14 Jack Armstrong with a top five all-time voice crack.

3:22 Upon further reflection, this dunk should have been higher. 360 dunks in traffic should never be in the back half of a dunkilation.

3:50 Stare-downs should never be a technical. I stare people down in pickup games all the time after I dunk on them and nobody’s ever given me a technical.

4:05 Usually I can make some sense out of nonsensical commentary, but I really have no idea what’s going on here. What baby are they talking about? And why is it in the street?

4:35 Rudy Gobert is the best Statue of Liberty dunker in the NBA. No doubt in my mind.

4:43 Dorian Finney-Smith proving that DFS also stands for “Doing Ferocious Slams”.

4:48 It also stands for “Don’t Fuckingcareaboutthe Spurs”.

5:09 “Soul-stealing” is a good way to put this dunk. Brandon Ingram is just lying there like he’s a skin-sack of human meat that possesses no internal will to keep existing.

5:20 If somebody gets in the way of your spin move, just forget about the spin and dunk it from wherever you stopped.

5:26 I am this close, THIS CLOSE, to starting an awareness campaign that will expose all the commentators who continue to flagrantly describe non-windmill dunks as “windmills”.

5:36 Did I see a pelvic thrust there?

5:47 I don’t have a favorite kind of violence, but if I did, it would be Ukraine on Lithuania violence.

6:09 Who’s ready for my end-of-year Donovan Mitchell Leg-Kick-While-Dunkingilation?

6:56 Lonzo Ball hates his teammates so much that he has to put them on posters.

7:04 Joe Ingles watches the play unfold while thinking to himself “I’ll never do that.”

7:25 How is this a floater? Because he floated all the way upstairs to jam it? And how is it a finger-roll? You can’t finger-roll a ball down into the basket. You can only finger-roll a ball up into the basket.

7:35 The Paul George staredown from 3:50 makes more sense when you realize that this happened to him earlier in the game.

7:42 I should rank these dunks by how much they look like they caused an ACL injury. This is number two behind the Brandon Ingram one where he limply ragdolls himself into the front row.

7:55 In the interest of saving time, I excised about five additional replays of this Monk Mash. You won’t get to see them until they release my extensive library of outtakes and unreleased work (the “DTB Archives”) after my death.

8:03 Chris Boucher’s taint coming right into your living room in full 60FPS.

8:30 Porzingis made this poster on Drummond look completely effortless.

8:47 Quinn Buckner’s raspy gargled “Yeaaaah”s are making me uncomfortable.

9:06 More of those intoxicating hair undulations. I can’t unsee them.

9:16 After getting brutally postered by Brandon Clarke, Ian Mahinmi immediately walked over to the bench and demanded Scott Brooks to not play him anymore and just give him DNP-CD’s until the end of the season.

9:28 The only solace here is that Baynes was running away from the dunk and might not have been aware how badly he got abused.

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