Bobby Portis 20 Points Full Highlights (1/3/2020)

I just want to say something, maybe it’s not going to be about Bobby Portis, but this is my video, I can put whatever I want in the description and no one can stop me, so there:

Red Gatorade isn’t even good.

To clarify, since there may be multiple varieties of Gatorade that are a shade of red: the Fruit Punch kind of Gatorade isn’t even good. It just isn’t. When I’m trying to replenish my electrolytes (which I crave above all other chemicals), I don’t want things to taste like Hawaiian Punch. That stuff was good when I was a kid, but it sucks now, because I have a refined and delicate palate. I’d rather have basically any flavor than red. Even the weird novelty flavors.

But stupid old me bought a big pack of these suckers, and now I’m paying the price. Hard. I tried giving some to my tubby little kitty Japurri instead of water (because I know he craves electrolytes to, every living organism including plants does), but he just looked at me and meowed. Didn’t even try it. Because he knows it sucks.

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