Ish Smith Career High 32 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (1/4/2020)

I could go through this video and check, but I feel like, having just compiled it, that every single one of the buckets and assists depicted herein were created solely by Ish Smith, and no one else. Every single one was him either pushing on the fast break, or standing behind the three-point line for a bit to figure things out, then dribbling around for a bit before either making a shot or finding a teammate. He wasn’t receiving passes from other players, generally. He was the one in control in this game, a true ball-dominant point guard dictating the entire flow of the offense by himself just like the old days of the NBA.

Okay, I just double checked, and it turns out I was wrong. The very first assist of this video came directly off a pass from another player, with him only swinging the ball. But other than that, it is absolutely the Ish Smith show. Is this what watching prime Steve Nash was like? Except with more scoring, and not only that, more scoring accomplished in a more exciting manner?

There is really little I can add in terms of wordage that will make this video better. It speaks for itself, one of the sickest performances of the year, perhaps THE sickest. Smith has always been a master of making goofy and tough shots, but he really took it to the next level in this game.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, Ish Smith did enter for the first time the Hall Of The Thirty-Point Scorers, but what transpired there is not a tale that is ready to be told. In other words: I have way too many vids to get done for this slate of games and not enough time.

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