Josh Okogie 16 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (1/11/2020)

I doubt that there’s anyone out there who’s noticed (besides me), but I might’ve snubbed Josh Okogie a couple of times already this year when it comes to making highlight for him. This is notable because there are only a handful, definitely less than a dozen, real snubs so far this season that I regret (I beg nightly for forgiveness from Brad Wanamaker but I know it will not be forthcoming).

I say “might’ve” because, by my reckoning, they weren’t snubs at all. He had an 18-point game already this season, and one with 17 points. But a closer look at the deets (that’s street slang for “details”) reveals that he made only 4 shots in each of those performances, along with 7 free throws. That ratio is so wack that there would be no way I would make a video for either of those games. Still, the longer he goes this season without a 20-burger to his name, the more I feel like maybe those vids should’ve happened anyway, despite my better judgment.

But you’re not here to read about my convoluted thought processes when it comes to video eligibility. You’re here to read about how much of a beast Okogie was this game. So how about this: Josh Okogie was a beast this game. He scored. He passed. He played defense (though the Rockets seemed to be just turning it over for fun at times). And here’s a final tidbit for you: Okogie plays exactly like how I imagine Giannis Antetokounmpo would if he was 6’4″ like Okogie is. And I’m not saying that because they’re both Nigerian.

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