Larry Nance Jr. 16 Points Full Highlights (1/17/2020)

This video was made speculatively, with yours truly speculating that Larry Nance Jr. would have such an outrageous display have acrobatic dunkage that this video’s very existence would raise sales of BoingVert by 200%. Do they even sell BoingVert anymore? It doesn’t matter, because this video, while it does contain some dunkage, does not contain what I or anyone else would describe as “outrageous” dunkage. A disappointment for sure, but that’s what I get for jumping right into this video while my judgement is clouded by visions of Nance doing 360 windmills.

You may also notice that Nance only scored sixteen points in this game. I have previously ignored sixteen-point performances from him, but, in order to prove my flexibility, I am OFFICIALLY lowering Nance’s OFFICIAL DTB POINTS THRESHOLD from 18 to 16. This might result in a slightly increased workload for me, but it also acknowledges the fact that Nance is not a premier scorer in this league or even a “good” scorer. To hold his scoring ability to high standards is and was folly, but now the situation is corrected.

As always, I reserve the right to OFFICIALLY raise Nance’s OFFICIAL DTB POINTS THRESHOLD back to 18 if he takes advantage of my lenience by regularly dropping sixteen-point games. My charity is not unlimited. Joe Harris can attest to this.

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