JaVale McGee 18 Points/3 Blocks/1 Three Full Highlights (1/20/2020)

Unlike most JaVale McGee highlight videos, which are a smorgasbord of audiovisual excitement, this one seems kind of…muted. I think it’s partially because Marv Albert and Chris Webber are not the most over-the-top excitable commentary duo out there, but it’s mostly because the Lakers just got booty-blasted basically from start to finish in this one. The initial lob six seconds into the game was sick and hype-worthy, but everything that McGee did after that was just a sad footnote to a Lakers’ loss.

Even McGee’s blocks didn’t seem to be going right. One of them went right to Kemba Walker for an improbable tip-in. And when he hit that three-pointer near the end, nobody even cared. In a normal situation, a three-pointer by the goofy McGee would immediately lead to a wide shot of the Lakers’ bench, who are all raucously cheering and mimicking his shooting form. We didn’t get to see the bench after this one, but you can bet they were just sitting there wishing the game would end so they could get back to the locker room and pretend that none of this ever happened.

Normally I would be exultant at the fact that Lakers fans are so miserable right now, but for some reason my schadenfreude glands are running low at the moment. To cheer me up, I’m going to go watch that video of Wizards-era McGee chasing a triple double. And then I’ll watch the one where he tries to do a free-throw-line dunk. And then the one where he does the Cinnamon Challenge with Nick Young. Yeah. That sounds fun.

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