Meyers Leonard 18 Points Full Highlights (2/1/2020)

Meyers Leonard has played 48 games in a Heat uniform, but it still feels very wrong for him to be donning something other than a Portland one. Luckily, the colors are pretty close, so if I squint my eyes and pretend hard enough, I can imagine that he’s still with the Blazers, splashing threes as part of the dynasty that he and Damian Lillard built together.

He was supposed to be a Blazer for life. I’m only crying a little bit right now. And if you look at the thumbnail, you can see that Leonard himself is having a hard time holding back tears, thinking of what once was and may never be again.

In happier news, this is by far the most points Leonard has scored this season since he had that surprising 21-point game in early November. He’s started every game this season, but he never ever scores a good amount of points. He just doesn’t. Why not? I don’t know. It’s like he’s so scared of screwing up and having everyone hate him (I know that feeling, when someone calls me out on a typo I’m pretty much a blubbering wreck for at least a week afterward) that all he can do is shoot open threes and sometimes try something around the rim.

I guess what he’s doing has been satisfactory enough in general for Spoelstra to keep giving him the starts instead of moving Bam Adebayo to center and then using one of the Heat’s surplus of random wings to fill in the hole, so more power to him. But I want to see performances like this more often, not just him scoring 7 over and over and over.

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