James Johnson 15 Points/5 Assists Timberwolves Debut Full Highlights (2/8/2020)

Behold, the power of friendship! Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell are basically the two best bros in the whole NBA, and the strength of their bond overcame whatever feeble bonds the Clippers have (at this point, the bonding that is going on over there is attempting to bond fists with faces). Russell didn’t even need to play. Such is the power of their bromance, elevating everyone on the team to unseen heights.

In reality, all this was was a supremely hot shooting night by the worst three-point shooting team in the league (I guess that’s not fair to say anymore, since the team is extremely different now), added only partially by the lackadaisy Clippers defense. I fully expect the Timberwolves to resume sucking next game, continue sucking the rest of the year, and then probably suck some more next season. But this game was definitely fun, anyway.

James Johnson played a fairly large part in this butt-kicking, showing that his recent good games with the Heat (who, it turns out, were blatantly showcasing him to try and get any sort of value for him at all) was not a mirage but actually something he can maybe do semi-consistently. He did what he usually does; hit a few shots, make a few passes, play some defense. The kind of stuff that made him a feared all-around player a few years ago.

His conditioning seems to be fine as well. Just no one tell him about the “Juicy Lucy”, or he’s going to regress in that area faster than you can say “cheeseburger with the cheese IN the burger”.

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