Duncan Robinson 19 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (2/9/2020)

As Tony Fiorentino kindly reminded us, Duncan Robinson is currently fifth in the NBA in three-pointers made. However, I would argue that he is in first, given that the four players ahead of him should be disqualified for various reasons which I will explain below. Keep in mind that totals are tabulated before tonight’s games because I’m too lazy to to any additional math myself.

1. James Harden (225, 36.0%). Anybody would be able to lead the league in 3PA if they unrepentantly chucked the ball as much as Harden does. I invite Rockets fans to come in here and inform me otherwise. They wont.

2. Damian Lillard (204, 39.8%). Three-pointers from more than two feet behind the three-point line shouldn’t count towards these records because it’s not fair that somebody would be so accurate from that far out.

3. Buddy Hield (200, 38.6%). Nobody on the Kings should ever represent the NBA for any kind of record, unless it’s bad records like “most three-pointers missed” or “most rookies’ careers destroyed”.

4. Devonte’ Graham (184, 37.7%). He’s been slumping from a hot start which may have been a fluke. If God’s random number generator doesn’t sufficiently even things out by the end of the season, Graham will have to be stricken from the list.

5. Duncan Robinson (174, 44.1%). The only legit guy on the three-point leaderboards. Everybody else is gaping slack-jawed at his percentage which starts with a “4”.

J.J. Redick, Davis Bertans, and Bojan Bogdanovic are the only other guys who are combining high volume with ultra-high percentages. As far as I’m concerned, get those other posers off the list and put Redick, Bertans, and Bogdanovic at positions two, three, and four. Robinson, of course, is number one, not only in the three-point leaderboard, but also in my heart. And also in the three-point contest.

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