Serge Ibaka 28 Points Full Highlights (2/12/2020)

Despite Serge Ibaka’s heroic 28-point performance (a performance that featured more points than ANY he had during his time in OKC, by the way), the Raptors lost, ending their winning streak at 15 games.


I’m going to sound like a butthurt Bucks fan, and maybe I am a little butthurt, but they (and their fanbase, mostly) were getting a little cocky. They know more than any other team that regular season wins don’t really mean anything, so why was it being brought up all the time as if it meant something? Puh-leeze. Fred VanVleet’s comments about “we know how to win in the regular season”? I find that unlikely, considering they couldn’t even win against the Nets lacking Kyrie Irving.

Yeah, re-reading that paragraph, I absolutely sound 100 percent butthurt. But that’s okay. I really thought the Bucks were going to win it all last season and I’m still justifiably salty about all things Toronto.

Props to Ibaka though for being a total beast during that winning streak, as well as for being a total beast the rest of the season (except when he was injured) as well. It seems like he’s outperforming All-Star Pascal Siakam on a lot of nights these days.

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