Shake Milton 17 Points Full Highlights (2/22/2020)

After this loss, the potential injury to Ben Simmons, the continued ineffectiveness of Al Horford, and the enigmatic (and not the good kind of enigmatic, either, the bad kind, the kind where you’re like “why isn’t he playing better?”) play of Joel Embiid, it might be time for the 76ers to do what they do best: tank!

It might be too late to get a really good selection in this upcoming draft, and honestly I can’t remember if they even have their pick this year or not, but it doesn’t matter. Build for the future. Save Embiid and Simmons for next year, entomb them in bubble wrap so they don’t get hurt. Somehow trade Horford (that might be hard). No more Tobias Harris. No more Josh Richardson. Play all the young guys, or if they don’t have enough young guys, play all the random role-player vets (except Horford). Have Shake Milton be the main ballhandler, with Furkan Korkmaz being the main scorer.

“The Process Part Two” doesn’t have a great ring to it, but it will have to do for now.

I find I really miss the days when I was constantly making tons of Philly highlight vids for their collection of incredibly marginal talent. Nowadays, I barely get the chance to showcase their players. It takes someone like Milton scoring way more points than expected for it to happen. With The Process Part Two, we can not only return Philly to the glory days, but we can return DownToBuck to the glory days as well.

Shawn Long can totally still be an NBA player. They need to sign him to a 10-day, like, yesterday.

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