Paul Millsap 25 Points Full Highlights (2/23/2020)

My “Paul Millsap is ruining the Nuggets” narrative would be a lot easier to push if I had a chance to espouse it in a place other than underneath highlight videos of Paul Millsap. When Millsap is having a good game scoring the ball, as is usually depicted in highlight videos uploaded to my channel, you can’t even blame the casual fan for thinking, “No way does Millsap ruin the Nuggets with his presence. Look how good of a scorer he is!”

However, if I uploaded lowlight videos of Millsap, where all you see are his struggles, overlaid with a “cash counter” which calculates how many dollars per second he gets paid from his huge contract, everybody would be eating up my genius narrative like it’s the most delicious ice cream sundae ever. In between delicious bites of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge sauce, and crunchy peanuts, they would be like, “DTB you were so right this entire time, Paul Millsap is ruining the Nuggets and nobody is even acknowledging it except for you.”

For example, Millsap played 27 minutes last game in a Nuggets loss to the Lakers. He went 1-of-4 from the field and ended with a final statline of 2/6/1. That’s the kind of video that would bring people over to my cause. However, I stubbornly continue to work against myself by uploading this videos where Millsap plays well and maybe even contributes to wins. Why am I so self-destructive? Am I that protective of my narratives that I actively work to undermine them so that they can remain mine and mine alone?

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