Tim Hardaway Jr. 23 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (2/24/2020)

Tim Hardaway Jr. is currently twelfth in the league in made three-pointers. That’s a bit skewed in favor of him because of the notable absences of some prolific three-point bombers (Curry, Thompson, Durant, Irving, probably some others I’m forgetting), but it’s still pretty good for a player who is just a role-player, a player who is no better than the third-best player on his team.

With that amount of three-pointers, I will have to give him due consideration for a three-ilation (that’s a three-pointer compilation for those of you not up-to-date with my hip lingo) at the end of the season. However, I’m thinking about it right now and it’s just not exciting me at all. Usually I feel a small bump in my BHL (blood hype level) when I think about making three-ilations for players, but I feel nothing here. Judging by the view counts on the highlight videos I upload for him, nobody really likes THJ that much as a player, so a three-ilation would only really be of interest to viewers who wanted to see a bunch of Doncic assists.

Now that I keep looking down the list, after the top ten three-point-makers, things start getting really uninspiring. Evan Fournier? Terry Rozier? Patty Mills? Taurean Prince? Those are like players who I would make a three-ilation for as a joke. THJ’s would be unpleasant, but it wouldn’t be a joke. It would be made with the seriousness that my craft demands of me.

But, yeah, I’m not making a THJ three-ilation this season unless an upper-tier donator to my Patreon starts begging for it. And a THJ dunkilation? No. Forget about it. Just watch this video any time you get the urge to watch him dunk (which should be never, you sicko).

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