Norman Powell 22 Points Full Highlights (2/28/2020)

In the aftermath of the Raptors’ (good team) loss to the Hornets (very not good team), I decide to infiltrate their internet-based hideouts to capture some RAW, UNFILTERED emotion from crushed Raptors fans. Keep in mind that the following quotes are UNEDITED and TOTALLY RAW. I didn’t even correct their spelling mistakes. That’s how you know that these quotes haven’t been tampered with in any way.

“I wish we never gave up Greivis Vasquez to get Powell. Vasquez wouldn’t have let this happen.”

“fire nick nurse bum ass coach he react to every call like he found out his mom dead”

“Sorry to say it guys, but this team is going nowhere with Siakam as the first option”

“lowyr is so done we should trade him to the grizlies for morant before they realize that lorwy sucks”

“I miss Kawhi”

“Powell is good but he can’t drag these bums to wins by himself. Other players need to step up.”

“Matt Thomas got six minutes. Why am I not surprised.”

“watching these scrubs make me wish we had andrea bargnani again. at least he played with heart and effort every night.”

“[picture of pepe frog with a Raptors logo blazoned on his chest sadly sticking fork into electrical socket]”

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